Moonbag is looking for a strategist with a proven track record in other Web3 companies.


Identify, execute, and scale opportunities in the CeFi and DeFi landscape, ranging from active strategies to broad network participation in a variety of protocols

Allocate capital across a variety of strategies with different levels of risk

Build out real-time systems and quantitative models for deploying strategies

Manage secure infrastructure to protect against loss of assets


Strong experience in Ethereum-based DeFi protocols and applications, bonus points for experience in DeFi communities across Polkadot, Solana, etc.

Entrepreneurial mindset, capable of multitasking and prioritizing through different projects to iterate quickly under high pressure situations (read: hacking skills)

Excellent communication skills and ability to work with multiple teams across the firm, including operations and security as needed

Deep technical understanding of the guarantees of various L1 chains and the implications of interacting with various dapps.

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Crypto researcher

Moonbag is looking for a macro-thinking web3 researcher who has the ability to proactively identify strategic partnerships with protocols on a mission to accelerate the global adoption of web3 infrastructure.