Belgium's pioneers in professional crypto investing

We are a crypto fund investing in seed or early stage blockchain tokens through different of the world's largest crypto exchanges. We research innovative decentralized apps (Dapps) and invest in only the most promising protocols.

Our mission is to safely grant professional investors high return exposure to the crypto ecosystem

Our extended knowledge of the crypto market allows our clients to hold to a diversified portfolio of successful blockchain projects. We combine low-risk investment strategies (eg Ethereum staking) with higher risk participations (eg pre-sales of new tokens). We have developed a well-thought-out modus operandi meeting the highest security standards.

By investing in crypto assets, we have developed innovative approaches to meet the investment objectives of our clients while aiming to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

As the author of all content published on this website, we at Moonbag Capital explicitly state none of the content should be considered as financial advice.

Meet our team

Our founding team has complimentary skills to ensure we keep outperforming the market.

Christophe Reynaert

Chief Executive Officer


Bert Marievoet

CMO & Web3 editor


Matthias Wambacq

Head of Trading


Nathan Van Der Heyden

Head of Research


Marc Bresseel

PR & Events